I was doing some social media and web design work for a client I knew personally.  The password suddenly changed on the web hosting and company email. Then I couldn’t log in to the Facebook page.

Me: Hey, did you take me off the Facebook page as an admin?

Client: Yes.

Me: Why is that?

No response came and a few hours later, I was kicked off of twitter as I was doing some work. Apparently the password had changed.

Me: What’s going on?

No response. After some more time

Client: We hired someone else, **** not willing to pay what you want.

I was working for free because I wanted to build my portfolio

Me: Well, thanks for the opportunity and I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I would have preferred you talked to me instead of changing the passwords on work as I complete it. Regardless, good luck.

Client: (drunk via text) I tired to talk to you about it when u were here and said he had talked with you we had a lady already doing it he was shocked on what you wanted to charge thanks.