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August 29, 2014

After getting out of the movies, I looked at my phone to find 10 texts from a friend explaining how, exactly, she wants me to design her son’s second birthday invites.

I had never discussed this with her, she didn’t ask, and she simply assumed I was doing it.

Client: Toy Story themed…. Paste his face on Woody’s head… Maybe Buzz Light Year to the side, I dunno you can design however you want… Toy Story fonts, Toy Story backgrounds, etc.

After the texts stopped coming in, I texted her back:

Me: We need to talk.

To which she responded:

Client:  …but I don’t want it super themey.

August 28, 2014

Client: The art looks really distorted in our email newsletter.

Me: That’s weird. I made it exactly to the specs. Do I have the correct specs?

Client: Yes. 

Me: Did you do anything to the image?

Client: All I did was stretch it!

"If I print this email, will you scan it and email it for me?"

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August 27, 2014

Client: How long will it take to produce this case study video?

Me: Four weeks from script and storyboard sign-off.

Client: We only have two weeks to get it done. We can give you an extra two days on top of the two weeks, will that help?

Me: It will help, yes. But only if we get the script and storyboard signed off today and get into studio tomorrow.

Client: Oh, we won’t be able to get all the stakeholders in one room to sign off on script and storyboard until the next managers’ meeting.

Me: When’s that meeting?

Client: In two weeks.


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A client and I were discussing which photos to upload to his website.

Client: I’ll get all the photos to you ASAP so you can edit them as agreed.

Me: Sounds great.

After five hours, I still hadn’t received any photos, so I rang the client.

Me: Hi - have you got those photos?

Client: Sure - I sent them today.

Me: That’s strange, I haven’t received anything.

Client: Come on, the post service doesn’t work that fast; I’d think someone like you would know that

The client had posted me a 2GB USB stick containing the photos

August 26, 2014

This video gets submitted every now and then, but it’s been years since we last showed it off. 

via (x)

Client: Why would you assume I wanted the columns to be vertical?

Me: I - I’m sorry, how did you want them?

Client: Obviously, I wanted horizontal columns.

Me: Like rows?

Client: Exactly like rows!

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