Me: I just need a credit card to complete the transaction.

Client: OK my number is **** ****….

Me: What’s the country of the credit card?

Client: The what?

Me: What country is the credit card from?

Client: The what?

Me: What country do you live in?

Client: I don’t understand.

Me: If you were to point on a map, where do you live?

Client: (long pause)… From China

Me: So you live in China?

Client: No, what is where I am from.

Me: Where do you live now?

Client: Canada.

Me: Okay then. The total is $523.25 - can I process the payment?

Client: Oh no! I didn’t want to order anything, I just called for a price.

Me: Wait, we agreed to the product and the price - why did you give me your credit card to charge you?

Client: Because you asked me for it.

Me: In the future, that shouldn’t be your only reason.