A client was quoted for a website and photo shoot (for pictures that would appear on the site). After reviewing the total amount, he refused to buy the photo shoot, and he decided to only pay for the website.

Several weeks later, he called our office.

Client: Have you seen the website? The picture looks terrible!

Me: Yes, they aren’t in the correct scale, the appear pixelated, and the colors seem off.

Client: Well, fix that immediately!

Me: We’ll take a look at the images and let you know how much would it be to fix them.

Client: What? I’m not paying for that, that’s your responsibility! The site looks terrible with those pictures and I don’t want it!

Me: Sir, we can remove those pictures, but we’re not fixing them. We offered you a photo shoot that you deemed unnecessary. The pictures used in the website are the ones your people sent us. We hold no responsibility to them.

Client: (screaming) I don’t care what or how, but I don’t want the site with those pictures, fix it now and fix it for FREE!

By this time, he was overdue on 50% of the website invoice. Luckily, the site was hosted on our server. We unplugged it and eventually had the client pay overdue charges.