A client stated that they had rewritten the copy for their site. I opened the email to find pictures of email messages that has been printed off, corrected with pen, then scanned and sent to me. Not wanting to retype all that, I called the client. 

Me: Hi, got your emails, but I need the actual text. Can you email that to me?

Client: I did, that’s what I sent you.

Me: I’m afraid not, what I got here are images. I need the actual text.

Client: I’m looking at it right now. That’s the text!

Me: Okay, perhaps I didn’t get the proper email then. What I received looks like someone printed off an email, then scanned and send it to me.

Client: Yes, exactly.

Me: Then what you sent is an image. I can’t copy and past the text out of it, I need the text itself.

Client: I don’t understand, that is the text, right there..

It took a lot of back and forth before the client grasped that I couldn’t simply copy and past the images as text. Thank god they eventually understood!