A client wanted to me to help them change domain registrars. I helped him through the process, and the five-minute tutorial turned into a 30-minute ordeal as he questioned the security of every step.

Me: There, done. Now just enter your card details.

Client: No, I don’t trust the website.

Me: Then you can’t transfer your domain! Don’t worry, the site is very reputable.

Client: How on earth do you know? I’m a businessman, I need to know who I’m dealing with.

Me: They have an SSL certificate and half a million customers. I use these guys and I trust them with my card details.

Client: Then we’ll use your card details.

Me: But why would I pay for your site?

Client: I think that’s only fair seeing as you’ve taken up so much of my time. Every second I spend on this, I’m not working on my core business, so I’m not earning money.