Wireframe Hell

A client wanted a website for their internal stock management system. He was really all over the show in terms of what the site should do and was constantly adding and removing functionality and pages.

So we decided to map out the whole site in black and white, interactive wireframes before we started designing the pages. That way he could see what the site could and could pick and choose the pages / functionality he did / didnt want.

So we get the B&Ws done, all working and tested. I send him a LENGTHY email that explains that the wireframes are, the fact that they arent visuals but are just line drawings to illustrate what the site layout would be like and page behaviours.

5 minutes after sending to the client I get an email back. “I like the site, but we are not sure about the design. The drawings on each page look a bit basic and arent in line with our brand guidelines…”