Me: I’ll be making your 8’x8’ banner. Do you have any original files for the logos you sent over? Jpeg images will look blurry when scaled larger.

Client: I sent over the logos!

Me: Yes, those are jpeg images: when they’re scaled, they become pixilated. What I need is the original vector format. The original designer might be able to help.

Client: I’m the original designer and I made those in jpeg!

Me: Jpeg is the image format, I need the original format, like the Illustrator file.

Client: I did my research. You can just take a jpeg image, put it into illustrator, and it becomes the original file.

Me: It’s… not the original vector format. What did you make these logos in?

Client: I made them in jpeg!

Me: No, I mean what tool did you use to create these images?

Client: Oh, MS Paint!