Client: “I heard you are the one that can help me with anything.”

Me: “Thank you, how may be of service?”

Client: “I have this site an Indian team built for me, but i doesn’t work. I need you to fix it for me ASAP.”

Me: “That’s quite a lot of work. I can do it, but it will take [amount of time] and will cost you [amount of money].”

Client: “No, you don’t understand, I ALREADY PAID for this website. I just need you to fix it.”

Me: “I am sorry, what do I have to do with the Indian team?”

Client: “You are an idiot! Why would I pay you for the work I have already paid for? The Indians coded the website, you just have to fix it! It’s not like you are making me a new website.”

Me: “You are right, sir. I am just making it functional and clean. Unfortunately I have the bad habit of getting paid for this.”