Friends are a renewable resource

My friend was looking for a video editor. Since I make a living as one, she turned to me.  

Client: I’m looking for an online editor that can do a short video in a couple of days. All the offline editing will be done by the director and you’ll just do the effects and clean-ups. 

Me: Do you have exactly what needs to be done? And how many days, exactly? I can give you my answer if I know more of the details.

Client: It’s just basic effects and clean ups. Probably five or so days. The payment will be x since we’re already almost over budget. I hope that’s okay with you.

Me: Can we meet up and discuss the project? 

Client: I’ll text you.

A couple of hours later, I get a call.

Client: Turns out you’ll be doing both the offline and online editing. You’ll get the footage on Saturday (the video was due Sunday). Pay is still the same. 

Me: I’m sorry. I’m not available to do all that work in that amount of time.

Client: How about you find someone to help you and you split the work and the money?

Me: Honestly, this won’t be enough money to get a real professional.

Client: Don’t use a real professional then! Use a friend, that’s what I would do.

Me: Yes, I know.