Client: I need a time frame on when you can get this book done. The printer wants to know.

Me: Yes, the printer has also contacted me. I let him know that I am waiting on additional content from you and when I get that, I could get a better timeframe. Hopefully by next week - I am just waiting on the pictures.

Client: Have you made the text changes yet? We really need to get this to the printer.

Me: Yes, the text changes have been made, I am still waiting on the additional pics that you wanted to add before it goes to the printer.

Client: There is also another addition we wanted to make to the Culture section, you should know this by now.

Me: Yes, I do know, but I can’t add it if I don’t have the copy to add. Please send the pictures and the additional copy so I can add it.

Client: Look, if you can’t get this done, why don’t you just say so?

Me: I can, but I need those materials from you first.

Client: And when will you be getting those?