What a type-writer

During a phone call with a client regarding the hosting of her organization’s new website, I try to direct her to the website of the host server I had chosen.

Me: I am going to show you how to access the website for the hosting server your new website will be running on.

Client:  Okay. Do I need to be on the internet?

Me: … Yes. You will need to get on the internet to navigate to the website. The URL is…

Client:  Hold on. The internet is the “e” icon, right?

Me: The blue “e” that has the words “Internet Explorer” beneath it?

Client:  Yes.

Me: Yes, that is a web browser you can use to access the website. Double click to open the program.

Client:  Alright. What do I do now?

Me: In the address bar at the top of the screen, you will need to type the address… (I proceed to spell out the web address)

Client:  Let me double check. Is this right? (Proceeds to repeat back to me what I had said)

Me: Yes, that is the correct address. Now, once the page loads, you should see a big blue button with the words “Tell Me More”. I’ll need you to click that button so I can show you the payment plans.

Client:  Button? OH! You wanted me to type the address in the browser?! I was writing it down on a sticky note.

It was at this point that I recommended she hire a webmaster for her organization.