What a charity case

I was working with a client who was launching a series of illustrations in support of a good cause (though it did help their business as well.) Since it was for a good cause and because I was just starting out with my freelance career, I agreed to do it for half what I normally charge. I ended up taking a lot more work than promised (like looking for material, ideas, and translating text), but at the very least, the creative freedom translated into the resulting product.

After 25 illustrations were done and posted…

Client: The series is a great success! I don’t know if you’ve seen our facebook page, but there are 3000+ likes and over 2000 shares for almost every image. God bless you for giving it your all!

Me: Thanks! It means a lot to be appreciated.

Client: This exceeded our expectations. Obviously, we have a lot more work for you.

Me: That’s great!

Client: T-shirts, slogans, more illustrations - but we want to pay you 30% less than what we were paying you before.

Me: Uh… I already told you that I was charging you half of what I usually charge.

Client: Since we’ve been so appreciative by giving you more work, can you make a deduction?

Me: I already made a deduction for the project as it supported a charitable cause; I can’t cut my rates any further without needing charity myself.

Client: But this isn’t for charity.

Me: …which is why a further deduction is out of the question.

Although my heart was in the project, I had to say no and move on.