I run a printing shop that offers design work to compliment our services. Prior to any prints, we carefully explain our rates and any potential extra fees the client may encounter. However…

Client: I like them, how much do I owe you?

Me: Well, for the business cards you owe $XXX.XX and then for the design fee, you owe us about 15-minutes of work which is $X.XX (it was less than $20).

Client: No, I designed it, not you.

Me: Well, you supplied us with the logo, but we designed the card based off a color scheme similar to your corporate colors, we arranged the contact information, and we offer a copy of the illustrator file so you can avoid any sort of design fee in the future. Prior to printing, I told you -

Client: Don’t tell me that you designed this card. I designed it. I’m not paying a design fee.