A client at a local magazine was looking for more ethnic diversity on their monthly covers. They approached me about photographing a cover for them.

Client: So far our covers have featured only white people and our sponsors want to see more diversity What can you do about that?

Me: Sure, I have numerous models who come to mind who would work great for this. 

I book an Asian model who does an amazing job and looks gorgeous. I present the images to the magazine.

Client: This isn’t right.

Me: What’s wrong?

Client: Her teeth aren’t right, one of them is crooked.

I fix the tooth and resubmit the image.

Client: There’s still a problem.

Me: I fixed her tooth. What else is wrong?

Client: Listen… she isn’t black.

Me: I noticed that. What’s the problem? You said ethnic diversity. The model is Asian.

Client: Yes, but when we said “diversity” we meant black people.