It’s a small world, after all

I was asked to create a design that included a globe and had some elements to show global connectivity. I used a stock image where the USA was centred on the globe, created the design around that, and sent it off to the client.

Client: This is fine, but we’re closing a deal in Brazil and we want Brazil to be the centre of attention.

Me: The brief said you’re based in the US - I figured this would be the easiest to scale for all your client collateral. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to get this re-done for you for tomorrow’s deadline.

Client: Re-do the design? Don’t do that. Just rotate the globe.

Me: Rotate the globe? I would need a new image.

Client: You’re not very resourceful. How hard can it be to just rotate the globe? Brazil is just below the USA.

Me: It’s a two-dimensional picture, I can’t. 

Client: Also, make sure Brazil is right next to Europe because we want to show we can connect them together easily.