I was asked to design an email template for a client for their monthly newsletter. I created a draft for them to see how it would look.

Client: It’s beautiful! I love everything about it. Just perfect! Could you just insert our old newsletter content and send it back so we can see how it looks?

Me: Of course.

I update the template and send it.

Client: Ugh. What’s wrong with this new template?

Me: What do you mean?

Client: The copy is so long. And the photos are ugly. I hate it. 

Me: That’s what you had on the old newsletter. It’s long because the copy was long. And I just used the same photos you used before.

Client: When you sent the draft it looked great, but now that it has our photos and copy, it looks awful. I don’t get how you messed this up.

Me: The copy and photos you asked me to use should probably be replaced.

Client: You obviously don’t know what you’re doing.