I worked as an in-house designer for many years. I was once asked by a manager to design a flyer for the annual conference.

Client: We need the flyer to be designed and printed by tomorrow lunchtime - that’s the  mailing deadline. Can you do it?

Me: Sure, but I’ll need the information for it in the next hour or so. 

Client: Oh, we won’t be deciding anything until the board meeting next week. Just design something. The mailer goes out tomorrow and the flyer has to be in it. 

Me: I can’t design a flyer if you don’t give me the details…

Client: Just get it done with what you have. 

I design a flyer that says little more than ‘annual conference, details soon’ in big letters. 

The next afternoon I get a call:

Client: (furious) What kind of a flyer do you call this?! It’s useless - there’s no information! 

They sent it out anyway.