The following is in reference to a log building website a client commissioned me to create for his business. 

Client: Though I’m an accountant, I’m a very creative person. I can easily design this website but I don’t know how to use the programs to make it.

Me: (lying) It’s always great to work with creative people.

Client: I would like to have it look like tools are sitting atop of the website.

Me: Okay, I can do that.

Client: Also, I really like tattoos, so I want the tools to look like they are tattooed onto skin.

Me: Okay…

Client: I also enjoy surfing, so let’s have waves and surfers in the background. Maybe have them move a bit.

Me: Okay, but just because you like something doesn’t mean it it should appear on your businesses website. I think we should keep it more natural looking to reflect the log home building feel.

Client: (ignoring me) And, every website you see has the navigation in the same place - which is pretty boring. I want the navigation to move when you go to different pages so the user has to look for it. It will make it more interactive, like a treasure hunt! Also, it should make sounds when you move your mouse over the navigation. Each one should have a different sound like a car horn or duck quack to make it fun.

Me: If you don’t keep the navigation in one place, the user will get frustrated and leave the website. Also, sound effects aren’t really used much on websites any more.

Client: Well, I’m just paying you to use the programs for me. If I want creative input, I’ll ask for it.