A local shop hired me to create a website for them. After agreements were made, I asked if they wanted anything in particular, which they answered by directing me to a competitor’s site and saying "Something like that, but prettier."

I created a template, which they approved, and sent them copies. They paid the first half of the fee, and work started.

Two months later, I finish the job, upload the work and email the client asking them to check that it’s all up to standard.

I receive a phone call the next day. The client asked to meet me because there were things “they didn’t like”.

During the meeting, I get a lot of criticism that the website looked like nothing like they wanted. I pull up the template and show them that it is exactly identical to the one I had shown them.

Immediately they pull up the competitor’s site, which had just changed the weekend before.

Client: It looks nothing like this! Start over!