Responding to query about a t-shirt design with a quick turnaround. After sending the potential client my portfolio…

Client: Can you sketch/design a graphic of this? If we like it, we will pay you and use it on a t-shirt.

Me: I can do a sketch, but this isn’t a situation where you pay me if you end up using my work. Look through my portfolio, decide if you like my work, and you can commission me to create a graphic for you based on all that information. So, with that said, my rate for this type of drawing is $60. Let me know if you’re still interested in working with me and I’ll be happy to get started.

Client: I can’t believe you would talk to your boss this way. You are a fired.

Me: I can’t believe you’d ask an “employee” to work for free.

Client: You aren’t an “employee”. Did you get my previous message? You are a fired.