A friend wanted to help me out by offering me work that her company usually gave to an agency.

Client: Here is a copy of the brochure. We normally pay the agency about $500 to redo the brochure every year - but we’ve already spent $350, so I have $150 to pay you.

Attached was a cell-phone picture of a brochure.

Me: Oh, okay. That’s well below my usual rates, but it should be okay if you’re giving me the original assets for minor alterations.

Client: Yes, I already attached it - didn’t you see it on the email? No wonder you haven’t been getting much work - your attention to detail isn’t great is it?”

The client was referring to the cell-phone picture of their brochure. Needless to say, I thanked my friend for the opportunity before suggesting that their old agency might be in a better position to make the changes.