We were preparing for an out-of-state move and had notified our clients well in advance that we would be unavailable for a period of 3-5 days.

The day before our move…

Client: I need you to be here to start the sale, monitor it, and then close it when it’s done!

Me: I notified you over a month ago that we would not be available. We’re moving. You acknowledged that and agreed to hold off on the sale until our move was complete.

Client: I know, but I’ve changed my mind. This is the better time for the sale and really, it’s completely unprofessional of you to move in the middle of my busy season.

Me: I’m not sure what to say - it’s not like I can change our move date. Our house has been sold, the truck has departed, and we have to be at the new house in just a few days.

Client: Well, let’s figure out why you can’t change your move date. Maybe you could postpone it until the busy season is over. I think we agree that would be the best thing to do.