I was working with a client who requested a site where people sign up for acting and film crew roles, and compete to work on a movie project together. He gave the following suggestions for the website:

  • The fire on the homepage slidesow moves… maybe the car crashes and the jet flies off
  • There’s a wheel of fortune offering the opportunity for people to sign up in various categories. Perfect world, if someone picks the stuntman, on the side of the screen, a stuntman is jumping off a building into a fiery pit below, or he is in a fight scene in a bar and getting his head hit by a bottle and thrown through the glass window
  • Flashmob will be created in LA. Can we take excerpts from this and put on the site?
  • On a page in our website, workers are beating away at the Hollywood sign.
  • Commercial of meteor from outer space.
  • Can we take the meteor blowing up Hollywood and put that one part in a virtual billboard on another page?
  • Maybe we just put scenes from the flashmob in with the metor video.