I went to an interview for a graphic designer position. The job called for knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After the interview, they said they might send me a quick test for at home. 

Client: Hi, thanks again for coming in today. As discussed, below is a brief for some work I’d like you to complete so we can see how you apply your skills and knowledge to produce creative to our guidelines.

Can you please design and code a homepage design 985 pixels wide (height is not restricted) using the images I’ve provided on our FTP. Please include roll over effects. I leave the layout and the message to you, but try something different to distinguish yourself. Check the examples I’ve sent you for what we like. Feel free to just put some place holder text in I’m more concerned with the design and coding. I’ve included our brand guidelines as well as our fonts for you to use. Everything is in a folder called for-adam.zip. Attached is the login information.

I’d also like to see what you can come up with for a wallpaper concept based around a Polaroid theme. It needs to stay on brand and not be too dominating. It also needs to be a repetitive pattern so that the it scrolls with the page. Something like [the attached example].  

Please submit the work to me by Monday morning 9am. 

Keep in mind that this was all had to be completed - over the weekend - simply to be considered for the position.