Client: Can we change that thing on the new page?

Me: Which new page - we added about 30 in the last couple of days. What thing are you talking about?

Client: The thing we were talking about the other day on the quote tool section. 

Me: Are you sure it was me and not Mr. X?

Client: No it was you, we chatted after the conference call.

Me: Not me, I wasn’t on the call.

Client: It was definitely you. Anyway I want you to change the functionality of the forms so that they do XYZ.

Me: Is this a development task?

Client: Yeah.

Me: I’m the designer.

Client: Ahhh… perhaps it wasn’t you. Wait, are you Mr. X?

Me: Nope, I am Mr. Y, the designer.

Client: So who was I speaking to the other day?

Me: I don’t know - maybe Mr. X?!

Client: Oh, ok. So, can you do the changes?

Me: No! I am not the developer… I am the designer!