A client had hired his cousin, a recent art school graduate, to design a logo for an otherwise complete website I had built for him.

The following e-mail exchange took place on the day of the website launch:

Client: Here is the final version of the logo. Can you please add this to the site and then push it live?

Me: I’ll add the logo to the site, but don’t you think that it looks very similar to [world famous oil company]’s logo? Are you sure that this is what you want? Has your cousin checked it with the Intellectual Property Office?

Client: What? It looks nothing like [world famous oil company]’s logo! I don’t know where you got that from? Just add it to the website and push it ‘live,’ now! And don’t EVER question my cousin’s work again! It’s insulting!

One week after the site has gone live, I receive this e-mail:

Client: You need to take down that logo - NOW! I got a letter from [world famous oil company]’s lawyers! They’re going to take legal action against me if I don’t take it down. 

Me: I’m on it. Did you want your cousin to design a new one, or should I - 

Client: That stupid bastard is dead to me, and you will be too if you don’t catch the mistake next time.