I was in charge of PR for a large IT company, and as a result, I had to handle an American executive as we did press interviews in six different European countries in 5 days. The main problem was that I was with an American who hated Europe. He was grumpy because there was no jogging track around the Eiffel Tower and because no UK journalists wanted to meet him for breakfast meetings at 6am. In Paris, he insisted we ate dinner at an Angus Steak House.

At the departure lounge in the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, he went into total meltdown.

Client: I can’t stand all these French people smoking. Make them stop.

Me: Yeah good one

Client: I’m serious. Go over there and tell them to stop smoking. Now.

I walked over the group of French students who were chain smoking Gitanes and asked them if they knew the time. I went back to the client and told him they had said ‘go forth and multiply.’