Me: Our backup service is like cloud hosting, you can access it wherever you are in the world through a computer -

Client: Wait, cloud hosting? You mean my backed up files will be on clouds? 

Me: Well, that’s not what cloud hosting means. It just means you can do anything you normally do on a computer with any devices - like tablets, iPhones, laptops etc - connected through the internet on the remote server we put you on. So all the things you do on the cloud hosting server is done on the server and just sends back the result to you.

Client: But what if it’s a sunny day and there’s no clouds?! How do I access my files then?!

Me: You don’t need clouds, it’s just a way of describing it.

Client: How can you call it cloud hosting if it doesn’t use clouds? It should be called air hosting, since we breath air all the time!

Me: I’m not sure that makes much more sense. 

Client: I’m positive it does.