I was designing a banner for a university website to advertise upcoming business classes. The ad contained a stock photo of a group of business people. My client was a really sweet African American woman who is a great designer. But sometimes her judgement is clouded…

Client: It looks good, but please choose a more diverse image.

I realize my image ONLY contains white people, so I quickly find an image that contains two white men, one white woman, a black man and an Asian woman. I email it to her.

Client: I still don’t like the image you’ve chosen. It reinforces the “dominant role” of older white men. Please choose another image.

Baffled, this time I choose an image that contains a single white man, a black man and woman, an Asian man and a Hispanic looking female.

Client: Do you really feel that this image reflects the diversity our organization is striving for? Please choose another image!

Not understanding how an image could be more diverse than the one I chose. I jokingly inserted a picture from one of the university’s African American Women’s Studies classes. It contained four black females. 

Client: Perfect! Thank you for understanding the diversity our organization is striving to achieve.