Join the Launch of The World’s Longest Invoice

Editor’s note: I love contributor’s anecdotes about their humorous client interactions. Judging from our growing list of followers, you do to. But I don’t enjoy hearing about all the unpaid bills, shady practices, and downright immoral behaviour most of our readership has to deal with to make a living. Let’s make my job a little harder and fix that. 

We need your help.

Over three-quarters of freelancers will be stiffed by a deadbeat client at some point in their career. Time and money are wasted chasing bounced checks or costly legal action. Most have to walk away at the expense of not only their pocketbook, but their pride. There is little legal protection in place to protect freelancers from this reality.

Clients From Hell is joining the Freelancers Union and freelancers throughout the country to launch the World’s Longest Invoice on April 26 to raise awareness about this critical issue.

The World’s Longest Invoice will jumpstart a critically important nationwide conversation about how much it sucks to not get paid for your work – and how it can be avoided. As freelancers add to the invoice, we’ll see how prevalent nonpayment is, and just how destructive it can be to freelancers’ bottom lines.

In May, the World’s Longest Invoice will be delivered to lawmakers in Albany to urge them to pass the Freelancer Payment Protection act in New York. This model legislation gives freelancers the same protection the Department of Labor provides “traditional” employees and allows them to file wage claims for owed money. We are so close to making this ideal a law. Be a part of the historic precedent and help replicate its success across the country.

Clients From Hell will feature an extra post for the next eight days in a show of support.

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