A pair of divorcees and their son wanted portraits done. Though I suggested they take one together (in complimentary outfits), the mother refused. 

Client: I don’t like my photos, you need to retake them.

Me: Why?

Client: For one thing, you don’t have any photos of the three of us, and for another, my boobs are hanging out in every photo.

Me: You didn’t want to take any photos with your ex, and you chose your shirt.

Client: So? I expected you to just cut him out and put him in pictures with me. You didn’t tell me my boobs were showing, why can’t you just draw a shirt on me?

Me: Do you remember when you asked for no retouching as it is an additional charge?

Client: Yes.

Me: Do you own a mirror?

Client: Yes.

Me: Do you understand where I’m going with this?

Client: No. Are you going to tell my son why there aren’t any pictures of his mother and father together?