A client requested I change the colours and photos on a document, along with adding additional images and fresh copy. 

Me: Okay, that won’t take me very long. But as we’ve discussed before, the minimum design fee is X.

Client: Why are you charging me a design fee? I’m only having you make minor changes. You’ve ALREADY designed it. Just change it.

Me:  I will have to take time to make those changes, plus I will have to find and download the clipart images that you have requested.

Client: That shouldn’t take very long.

Me: At minimum it will take me 20-30 minutes…

Client: WHAT?! My boss would fire me if I worked that slowly! This won’t take any time at all to make these small changes!

Me: You’re welcome to make the changes yourself then. I’ll just email the file over.

Client: Oh, I don’t have time to do that!